Case Studies

Children playing in fields
Read these real life stories from mums who have told us about their experiences…

Jess, London

I love your product! My son picked up a tick on a family holiday in Devon and tested positive for Lyme’s. He got the bullseye mark and everything, it was worrying. Luckily we got the course of antibiotics in time.

We’ve had confirmed cases from our local park in London, not just the wilds of Devon too, so it is a concern. But we don’t want to stop walking in the woods! So I think it’s a great product. Keep up the good work.

Children playing in fields in summer

Mum of 2, Devon

People need to be more aware of this. My son and I have both had tick bites and it was very scary.

We held my sons birthday in our local woods and weren’t aware of ticks then. We had what we thought was a lovely picnic in long grass and it was the next day that we both found ticks attached to us. We removed them in the correct way and luckily were OK.

I now carry a tick remover with us when out and try not to walk in long grassy areas and always check us from head to toe when out in high tick season. I do tend to stay away from woodlands in the tick season. I think it’s brilliant what your doing.

Going outdoors. Think tick prevention. Think Botanic Protect.