Newsletter – October 2021

October 2020

What have we been up to?

Welcome to our – first ever – Newsletter! 

Thank you for subscribing, we really do appreciate your interest in Botanic Protect and we’ll make sure you’re kept up to date with all the latest news about our launch…!

We’ve been busy working with our designers and UK manufacturer to develop sample bottles for our special plant based tick repellent and we are thrilled with the results!

Top 3 updates

Ticks Beware!

National walking associations, Nordic Walking UK and WALX have announced they will be trialling our plant based tick repellent at their Dorset HQ over the coming months. Dorset is one of the highest tick risk areas in the country and so the folks at Nordic Walking and WALX really know their stuff…

We also have a number of other well known organisations trialling Botanic Protect around the country!

Watch them run…

Would you like to know what ticks really think of Botanic Protect tick repellent? Watch this amazing video filmed especially for us in Scotland by a UK wildlife expert. We think you’ll be impressed…

COVID comparisons

The last 6 months have been challenging to say the least but perhaps one positive to come out of the lockdown is the increased awareness about Lyme disease. Comparisons are being drawn between the symptoms of ‘long COVID’ and Lyme disease. 

Campaigners for the disease are hopeful that research into ‘long COVID’ symptoms will bring about better understanding and improved treatment for Lyme disease sufferers. 

A ‘tick’ recap!

Plant based tick repellent for all the familyThe threat of Lyme disease in the UK
Effective protection against ticksInfected ticks found throughout the UK
Suitable for all ages (6months+)Year on year increase in Lyme disease cases over the last decade
Biodegradable, DEET-free, repellent formulaSerious long-term consequences if not treated quickly
Sustainably and ethically producedPublic Health England advises using a repellent for ticks while doing outdoor activities

And finally…

Did you know that ticks can attach to pets and end up in the family home? It’s really important to keep up to date with your pet’s tick treatment (usually combined with flea treatments). 

We like FIPROtec (which was recommended by our lovely local independent pet shop) or for an easier option, just add Frontline to your online shop!  These are spot-on treatments and need to be topped-up approximately every 4 weeks* 

*check packet instructions before use


Please contact us and we will be happy to help! 

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