Newsletter – March 2021


Welcome to our March newsletter…

In this special edition, we are marking Tick Bite Prevention Week by announcing the official launch of Botanic Protect tick repellent!!

It’s no coincidence that this national awareness week is held at the beginning of Spring when tick activity starts to increase…

We’ve been busy writing articles and blogs for a number of Forest Schools and other outdoor organisations helping them to raise the profile of this important issue amongst their groups and members. 

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Top News

Forest School Fun!  

Earlier this month, we caught up with trainee Forest School Leader, Sunita Thakur from Out to the Woods CIC (remotely, of course!), to find out about her Forest School journey and to learn why this style of teaching is so popular in the UK. 

Sunita shares her passion for the benefits of Forest School and explains the joy she gets when she sees children having ‘lightbulb moments’! Read the full article here.

Think Botanic Protect…

After spending 18 months meticulously researching and developing our special plant based tick repellent, we’re delighted to announce that it is now available to buy via our website! Why not take a look and get stocked up ready for those outdoor Easter activities!

It comes in a 100ml spray bottle (recyclable, of course) and is priced at £12.99. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch at

What are your Easter plans?

With the country still in partial lockdown over Easter, many of us will be turning to outdoor activities to keep the kids entertained! Here are our ‘tops tick tips’ for the Easter break:

  •  Stick to clearly defined paths to avoid brushing against overhanging vegetation where ticks may be hiding
  • Avoid dense vegetation
  • Wear trousers, long sleeve tops and boots whenever possible (even when the sun’s out!) to reduce direct exposure to ticks
  • Wear light coloured clothing so that ticks can be spotted quickly and brushed off
  • Spray Botanic Protect tick repellent on all areas of exposed skin
  • On children, be especially aware of exposed waists, ankles, neck, behind ears and hairlines as they are the perfect height for lurking ticks
  • Carry out regular ‘tick checks’ after outdoor activities
  • Keep a tick removal tool at home or with you on days out
  • Stay up to date with your pet tick treatments
  • Regularly check your pets for ticks

Remember – tick bites may not hurt and ticks can be as small as a poppy seed or pin-head and very hard to spot.