Newsletter – February 2021

February 2021

Ready, steady, go!

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2021…

It’s been a difficult start to the year for many reasons but with the weather and restrictions set to thaw, hopefully we can all look forward to a bit more fun this Spring! 

We promised you exclusive updates about our launch and here it is…!

Top News

Your stories… 

We’ve been talking to mums around the country to learn about their experiences of ticks. Read Jess’ story to find out why she’s tick aware:

My son picked up a tick on a family holiday in Devon and tested positive for Lyme’s. He got the bullseye mark and everything, it was very worrying. Luckily we got the course of antibiotics in time.

We’ve had confirmed cases from our local park in London, not just the wilds of Devon, so it is a concern. But we don’t want to stop walking in the woods! So I think it’s a great product. Keep up the good work!

Jess, London

If you have a story to tell, please tag us @botanicprotect or email us

Deers away

Did you know that rising deer numbers are being blamed for an increase in Lyme disease cases in the UK? RSPB Scotland recently highlighted the far-reaching impact of growing deer numbers, including the negative impact on the environment and Lyme disease cases.  RSPB Scotland confirmed that Lyme disease is now a serious health concern in many communities as deer play host to infected ticks. 

You can read the full article here

Ready, steady, go!

After spending 18 months meticulously researching and developing our special plant based tick repellent, we’re ready to go..!

We’re super excited to tell you that Botanic Protect tick repellent will be available to buy via our website from Monday 29 March 2021.  It comes in a 100ml spray bottle (recyclable, of course) and is priced at £12.99. P.s. you’re the only ones who know this!

If you would like to pre-order, please get in touch at

Another ‘tick’ recap!

Plant based tick repellent for all the familyThe threat of Lyme disease in the UK
Up to 5 hours protection against ticksInfected ticks found throughout the UK
Suitable for all ages (6 months+)Year on year increase in Lyme disease cases over the last decade
Scientifically proven and DEET-free Serious long-term consequences if not treated quickly
Biodegradable formulaPublic Health England advises using a repellent for ticks while doing outdoor activities

And finally…

We’ve been discussing tick activity with our friendly tick expert and can report that ticks are now thought to be active all year round in the UK. This is believed to be due to the warmer winters we are experiencing as a result of climate change. 

So it’s important to practice good tick prevention all year round… 

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