Happy Campers!

Children playing in fields in summer

We are absolutely delighted to feature in ‘The beginner’s guide to camping’ in the July edition of Families Chiltern!

Families Chiltern magazine is an essential read for parents, giving trusted advice, ideas and activities for the whole family. 

The magazine has been published for over 16 years and offers parents great articles on parenting, education, childcare, family health and travel.

With many families looking to holiday in the UK again this year, Families Chiltern has produced this bite-size guide for parents looking to camp for the first time. Planning your camping trip can be a daunting task and so the article sets out some essential do’s and don’ts!

They’ve also asked readers for their top tips! Our favourite has to be – pack a bottle of wine at the top of your bag and unpack this first to ensure fewer arguments while putting up the tent!

So, whether you are camping or glamping this summer, why not impress your friends by doing your research and read this handy guide (page 27) before you set off…

On a more serious note, tick numbers are on the rise in the UK and we are currently in high tick season. Ticks are small, spider like creatures which feed on the blood of animals and humans.

Ticks lurk in vegetation and wait for potential hosts (i.e. us!) to feed on. During this feeding process, ticks can transmit bacterial infections, like Lyme disease and cause Alpha-Gal allergy – which is a serious red meat allergy. If Lyme disease is not treated quickly, it can be life changing. For more information, read our ‘What you need to know’ page.

It is a common misconception that infected ticks are mainly in the South of England and Scottish Highlands. Ticks thrive in any area where there is dense ground vegetation (like woodlands) but can also be found in urban parks and back gardens.

According to The Big Tick Project (a national survey and awareness campaign) almost the entire UK poses a tick risk, with many staycation destinations in the UK now designated as high risk. You can view the interactive map here to find out about your local area.

Public Health England advises that people incorporate a repellent into their daily routines whenever spending time outdoors to guard against the risk of tick bites.

We recommend using Botanic Protect tick repellent whenever your family is doing outdoor activities, including camping.

Botanic Protect tick repellent is:

  • Effective against ticks
  • Suitable for children of all ages (from 6 months old)
  • Scientifically proven and DEET-free
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Manufactured in the UK

For more information or to buy, please visit our shop.

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