A tick-free half term

Bottle of Botanic Protect tick repellent

As October half term approaches, families will be looking to let off steam outdoors which means being ‘tick aware’. The country has seen unusually high tick numbers this year and Public Health England and local councils have issued renewed warnings urging people to be on the lookout for ticks while spending time outdoors.

Ticks are most active between March and October and so it’s important to stay ‘tick aware’ well into autumn.

When should we use Botanic Protect?

Public Health England recommends incorporating a repellent into daily routines whenever spending time outdoors to guard against tick bites and the risk of contracting Lyme disease.

Botanic Protect is a naturally derived tick repellent which offers adults and children (including babies from 6 months+) effective protection against ticks. It’s ideal for families, gardeners, outdoor educators, walkers and anyone who enjoys time outdoors!

“Ticks are most active between March and October and so it’s important to stay ‘tick aware’ well into autumn”

Here are our top tips of when to use Botanic Protect tick repellent:

  • Spray the kids for Forest School
  • Use on woodland trails and trips to the forest
  • Pack a bottle on days out to nature reserves and wildlife parks
  • Spray yourself and the kids before starting any gardening
  • Keep a bottle by the back door ready for country dog walks
  • Use on camping / fishing trips
  • Spray on areas of exposed skin and rub in to ensure all skin is covered. Reapply as required.
  • Be especially aware of exposed ankles, waists, necks, behind ears and hairlines on children – they are the perfect height for lurking ticks!

Remember, always use a mat or picnic blanket when sitting on grass, keep Botanic Protect tick removers to hand and carry out a ‘tick check’ after outdoor activities.

Look carefully as ticks can be as small as a poppy seed or pin head!

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*Use Insect repellents carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.*

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