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A photo showing the luxury accommodation at WFG

Now, here at Botanic Protect we love everything outdoors, so what better way to celebrate the great British countryside than to go behind the scenes at the beautiful and exclusive Wildflower Glamping campground in the heart of Norfolk Broads National Park!

We asked founder of Wildflower Glamping, Kerry Radley, what it’s like to run a glamping site in one of the most peaceful and inviting parts of the country!

A photo of the wild flowers at WFG
The bell tents are set in the lovely wildflower meadow

What inspired you to start your own glamping site and when did you first open your ‘gates’?!

I have a lovely unused wildflower field at the back of my house, and Covid severely affected my income from yoga teaching, so one day some friends and I were wondering what I could do to supplement my income (which would be enjoyable too) and the concept of running a pop-up glampsite came up. The rest is history!

What is your background, have you always wanted to be a glampsite owner?

I am a qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher and mother of 3. I have a good sense for interior design and have always been a keen camper so although I’ve never run a glampsite before, it has all come quite naturally to me!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve witnessed as a glamping site owner?

The strangest and most wonderful thing is how the wildlife has adapted to the bell tents on the field so quickly. Kestrels sit on the tents now to hunt prey.

Kestrels sit on the tents now to hunt prey.

What would you say to people who are considering glamping? What makes glamping a great holiday experience?

It’s so great to just turn up and have a beautifully dressed bell tent, kitchen, fire pit and facilities all ready for you – no packing up of everything you need and having to pitch when you arrive after a long journey!

The solitude and privacy at Wildflower Glamping means you can really get away from it all, but have the glory of Norfolk on your doorstep, should you wish. It’s also wonderful to stay in a bell tent instead of a plastic tent, as they regulate temperature much better and feel like an actual living space!

Can you glamp all year round?

The bell tents are not suitable for use in winter and so we have just invested in 2 wooden structures to place in the garden area for all year round use as air B&B. These will have amazing views across acres of farmland! This also allows us to rest the glamping field until next summer.

What facilities are on site at Wildflower Glamping and what makes you stand out from the crowd?

We are a very sustainable site – we have compost loos and solar showers, and nothing disposable or single-use. The best thing is there only 4 bell tents, so you don’t feel as if you are in rows of tents close together with allotted pitches.

There is 2 1/2 acres to relax in, so over 1/2 an acre per tent! Also, as access is through my garden and there is no vehicle access to the field, it’s completely private and peaceful. 

The view from each tent is nothing but fields and the big Norfolk sky! Both the sunrise and sunset can be seen from the field, and it is filled with ever-changing wildflowers. In addition, the nearest beach is 30 minutes away, where you can swim with seals, and we are in the heart of the Broads National Park.

The view from each tent is nothing but fields and the big Norfolk sky!

Kerry, Wildflower Glamping

How important is it to you to nurture wildlife at your site?

Very important – we let the field grow wild, except for mown paths and circles for the tents themselves. No chemicals have been used for at least 15 years and I have let hedgerows grow wild for the same amount of time, so I have little owls and many other birds nest in the same place every year.

I have noticed the increase in insects, as well as birds and animals, as this is a safe space for them. I have foxes and hares breed here, and they come close to the house now as they know I am no threat.

The location is surrounded by farmland and broads and so the site has limited facilities so as to offer the least disturbance to wildlife – so if the sun’s not out the showers will be cold (be warned!). 

What are your top 3 ‘must have’ items for glampers?

Books, sturdy shoes and a love of nature!

Describe how running Wildflower Glamping makes you feel in 3 words!

Love people relaxing!

How can people find out more about Wildflower Glamping?

All our wonderful pictures are on Instagram @wildflowerglamping or Wildflower Glamping Norfolk on Facebook.

We are on a few popular booking sites, but it’s best to email us on for all info!

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