Why should we use Botanic Protect tick repellent?

Infected ticks are found throughout the UK and cases of Lyme disease are on the up. It’s important to take steps to help protect you and your family.

Public Health England and Scotland recommends incorporating a repellent into your daily routine to cut down the risk of contracting Lyme disease while outdoors.

Botanic Protect spray is scientifically proven to give effective protection against ticks.

Who can use Botanic Protect tick repellent?

Botanic Protect tick repellent is naturally derived and can be used by all the family, including babies from 6 months plus. It’s DEET free and kind on skin. 

When should we use Botanic Protect tick repellent?

Whenever your family is doing outdoor based activities. Here are some handy tips:

• Spray the kids with Botanic Protect tick repellent in the morning before Forest School
• Always pack a bottle on family days out
• Keep a bottle in your bag for those spontaneous trips to the park!
• Use at the weekend on woodland walks
• Keep a bottle by the back door ready for country dog walks

What is DEET?

DEET is the chemical found in many insect repellents. It is a powerful chemical and is well known for melting plastics and synthetic fabrics and so can be a real pain when using with watches, cameras, camping equipment etc.

Concerns have been raised about the potential harmful side effects of DEET on the nervous system, particularly in children and pregnant women. Further research has been called for to evaluate the potential risk to humans.

There are also concerns about the environmental impact of DEET since it is not biodegradable.

What is Botanic Protect made from?

The repellent formula in Botanic Protect contains a naturally derived ingredient from the Eucalyptus citriodora tree – a natural and renewable resource grown in several parts of the world. This is what gives the spray its fresh eucalyptus smell!

How does Botanic Protect tick repellent work?

Botanic Protect acts as a powerful repellent against ticks. It uses the natural repellent quality found in the essential oil derived from Eucalyptus citriodora trees. Using a process that mimics and accelerates the ageing process which naturally occurs in the leaf, the conversion process strengthens the natural repellent effect making it more powerful.

How should I apply Botanic Protect tick repellent?

As with all repellents, test a small patch of skin before use and apply for children avoiding eyes, hands and the area around their mouth.

Spray Botanic Protect tick repellent on all areas of exposed skin and rub in to ensure all skin is covered.

Be especially aware of exposed midriffs, ankles, neck, behind the ears and hairlines in children as they are the perfect height for lurking ticks.

When using on your face, we suggest applying it on your hands and then rubbing on cheeks, nose and forehead, avoiding contact with eyes.

Shut your mouth and eyes when applying and spray in well-ventilated areas or outside.

Reapply as required. Reapply frequently if using in high risk areas, doing high risk activities, in hot weather or if you are swimming, getting wet or sweating.

*Use insect repellents carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.*

How should we use Botanic Protect tick repellent with sun cream?

Apply Botanic Protect tick repellent after sun cream when using both together (use a minimum of 30 SPF).

Reapply frequently in hot weather of if you are swimming, getting wet or sweating.

Can I use Botanic Protect tick repellent if I am pregnant?

There have not been formal studies on pregnant women. However, if you do need to use a tick repellent, Botanic Protect, would be a logical choice as it is naturally derived and has very little skin absorption.

Can we use Botanic Protect tick repellent on pets?

We do not recommend using it on your pets – it’s just for us humans!

What should I do if Botanic Protect tick repellent gets in my eyes?

If your family accidentally gets Botanic Protect tick repellent in their eyes, don’t worry, it will sting but the irritation is temporary. Wash your hands and eyes with water and the stinging will soon stop.

What if we are travelling abroad?

Botanic Protect tick repellent is scientifically proven to give effective protection against ticks so you can take it abroad with you.

Reapply frequently if you are in high risk areas or carrying out high risk activities. Also, try to stick to our tick prevention tips where possible.

Will Botanic Protect be launching any other products?

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Great work you are doing there. Ticks need more publicity in this country

Shane, Course Tutor, Inspired Forest School Training, Gloucestershire
Going outdoors. Think tick prevention. Think Botanic Protect.

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