Going outdoors. Think tick prevention. Think Botanic Protect.

Plant based tick repellent for all the family

We are a specialist repellent brand dedicated to tick prevention

Here at Botanic Protect, we want to take the confusion out of tick prevention, so you don’t have to worry!

Our products help you and your loved ones avoid picking up ticks while enjoying precious time outdoors…

Official ‘Wake Up To Lyme’ Campaign Partner 2023!

Going outdoors. Think tick prevention. Think Botanic Protect.
Plant based tick repellent for all the family
  • Effective protection against ticks
  • Suitable for babies from 6 months old
  • Scientifically proven and DEET-free (the harsh chemical found in synthetic repellents)
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Sustainably and ethically produced
  • Manufactured in the UK

We’ve had confirmed cases from our local park [London], not just the wilds of Devon, so it is a concern. I think it’s a great product!

Jess, London
Official 2023 Partners!
50p from every bottle of Botanic Protect sold goes to Lyme Disease UK!

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How can we avoid ticks?

Here are our ‘Top Tick Tips’:

  • Stick to clearly marked paths – to avoid brushing past vegetation where ticks may be lurking!
  • Spray our naturally derived tick repellent on areas of exposed skin
  • Be especially aware on children of ankles, midriffs, backs of necks, behind ears, hairlines and groins, as they are the perfect height for lurking ticks and they love dark, damp places!
  • Carry out regular ‘tick checks’ after outdoor activities
  • Keep our tick removers in the house and with you on days out

Remember, ticks can be as small as a poppy seed or pin head and tick bites don’t always hurt so you may not know you’ve been bitten – check thoroughly!

“These are all simple behavioural changes we should be incorporating into our daily routines when enjoying the great outdoors”

UK Health Security Agency

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When should we use tick repellent?

Our tick repellent can be used whenever your family is spending time outdoors, like:

  • Woodland trails / forest based activities
  • Forest School
  • School field trips
  • Gardening (especially clearing of vegetation / building bonfires)
  • Picnics
  • Camping
  • Visiting national parks / AONB / wildlife reserves
  • Rural and urban parks (including London parks)
  • Golfing
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Nordic walking / rambling
  • Fell / hill running
  • Fishing
  • Off-road cycling
  • Horse-riding / hacking
  • Anywhere with beaches / sand dunes / grasslands / moorlands
  • Holidaying in European countries where there are ticks, and the US

Lots of families have been in touch to tell us about their experiences with ticks.

You can read their stories here.

We are big hill walkers, so I’m so glad I found you!

Maddy, Shropshire

Going outdoors. Think tick prevention. Think Botanic Protect.

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